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Ask the Publisher2017-06-06T23:41:40-10:00
Do you ship internationally?2017-06-06T22:44:38-10:00

Yes! Please call Mutual Publishing at (1-808) 732-1709 for shipping quotes.

I am looking for a specific book published by Mutual Publishing. How do I find it?2017-06-06T22:41:32-10:00

With our redesigned website, we have made it easier than ever to find a book. Simply type the title, author’s name, or ISBN, into the search bar in our online bookstore and all possibilities will be presented to you.

I have a question for an author. How can I get in touch with him or her?2018-05-02T10:52:18-10:00

Unfortunately, it is against Mutual Publishing’s policy to release contact information about our authors and illustrators. We will be happy to forward an email or forward a letter for you. Please include a return address on all correspondence.

I’m a retailer, how can I buy Mutual Publishing’s books?2017-06-06T22:37:04-10:00

If you are a retailer looking to purchase our books wholesale, there are two ways to do it: You may call our distributor Booklines Hawaii at (808) 676-0116 or 1-877-828-4852 (Toll Free) and apply to become an approved vendor or you may call us at (808) 732-1709 to get ordering instructions. We will require pre-payment via Visa, or Master Card or company check. You will be required to pay freight.

How do I submit a manuscript?2017-06-06T22:35:56-10:00

Submitting a manuscript is easy! Click on the Submit a Manuscript link above for complete instructions.