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  • Just like in the popular song "Wheels on the Bus," here in Hawaii the wheels on the bus take us across the island past waterfalls rushing down steep Pali, horses clippity clopping in the valley, baby chicks clucking and cheeping, and mynah birds squawking in a banyan tree.
  • This lovely children’s book, based on a true story, features a newlywed pair of Fairy Terns lovingly guarding their newly hatched egg. Happily, the egg begins to crack and their little chick is born. All of a sudden BZZZZZZZ!....someone is trying to cut down their tree! An inquisitive little girl jumps in and saves the day, convincing the workmen and a fancy hotel owner to save the tree the Fairy Terns are living in.
  • Young Kai and Lehua hop aboard the SS Scoutabout for an adventure of a lifetime, studying sharks with Captain Mike, biologist Aunt Jan, and their seafaring pup, Scout.