Cooking in Pono captures the essence of ‘ono (delicious) local foods shared in Hawai‘i paired with inspiring stories about healing, growing, learning, and living in pono (excellence).

Author LiAnn Uyeda explores the connection between cooking and living in a way that is good and right. Cooking in pono means to cook with a passion for giving and helping—a way of living that Hawaiian describe as pono, goodness, uprightness, and excellence. As a lomilomi practitioner who helps people from all walks of life in their healing journey, LiAnn has found food not only delights the senses but nurtures the soul and can help direct ones’ journey.

These recipes from family and friends are offered alongside stories of wisdom and strength making Cooking in Pono not just a culinary journey, but a spiritual one—and one filled with laughter and joy. The recipes and the food are meant to be empowering—feeding the belly and the soul.

“Someone told me I remind them of Old Hawai‘i. To me that means living in aloha. Saying hello to people you don’t know, helping, sharing, and respecting yourself and all around you. I have assisted many in my healing practice for over twenty years and share some of my life’s journey along with my families recipes and Hawaiian concepts to living a better life today. This is my first adventure, please join me for the ride.”

—LiAnn Lilinoe Uyeda