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Hawai‘i’s Portuguese settlers, who followed the Chinese and Japanese coming to Hawai‘i to work on the sugar plantations, were actually from the islands of Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic. Compared to these and later arriving ethnic groups, Portuguese foodways were little known outside of their communities. Portuguese cooking was mainly enjoyed in homes, with only isolated instances of eateries and restaurants where this hearty cuisine could be shared and sampled. If you have never been to a Portuguese family gathering, you’ve missed out. Until now.

A Portuguese Kitchen: Traditional Recipes with an Island Twist explores Hawai‘i’s Portuguese cooking starting with the familiar favorites like soups and breads, on to basic traditional dishes and special festive recipes. The collection incorporates the initial simple resourceful diet of major proteins and greens grown in backyard gardens and shows adaptation to locally available ingredients.

Third-generation food writer and historian, Wanda Adams, has gathered from family, neighbors, and friends this collection of treasured, handed-down recipes (many now so scarce as to be unknown) that revive those sprawling kitchen tables ringed by large, loving families—stern fathers, industrious mothers, and children who rose before dawn to light the beloved forno (oven). And using interviews with first- and second-generation elders, Wanda also takes us into her Portuguese heritage with talk story vignettes.

If you are of Portuguese descent, these recipes will bring back fond family memories. They will also surprise the old timers who thought they may have been lost. If you are not Portuguese, here is a good chance to finally learn about this previously little known island cuisine. And if you are just inquisitive, here you have a comprehensive guide to this earthy, sumptuous, and tasty cuisine that has much more than hearty bean soups, sausage stews, and malasadas. Get ready to eat well.

Temperos e Salsas / Seasonings, Sauces and Base Recipes
Molho de Piri Piri / Portuguese Chili Paste
Portuguese 5-Spice
Cebolada / Onion Sauce
Salsa Limao / Lemon Sauce
Salsa Verde / Parsley Sauce
Vinha d’ahlos / Pickling Marinade
Pickled Onions

Aperitivos e De Manha / First courses and first meals
Ovos Batidos a Madeira / Portuguese Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes
Bolinhos De Atom e Broa / Cornbread-Tuna Cakes
Bolinhos De Bacalhao / Salt Cod Croquettes
Portuguese Chicken “Poke”
Sardine Egg Spread
Stuffed Figs
Camãrao Pica / Spicy Shrimp
Torresmos / Fried Pork Bites
Green Papaya Pickle
Grilled Abalone Portugueza

Sopas / Soups
Soup Stock
Portuguese Soup: The Real Thing
From-the-Pantry Portuguese Soup
Wikiwiki Portuguese Soup    
Açorda / Bread Soup
Base Three
Beef-Pumpkin-Pipinellas Soup
Sopas Galinha a la Portugueza / Portuguese-Style Chicken Soup
Split Pea Soup Portuguese
Caldo Verde / Green soup    

Carnes e Aves / Meats 
Portuguese Pot Roast
Portuguese Pot Roast II
Portuguese Steak
Madeiran Kebabs
Piquant Portuguese Chops
Pot Roast Pork with Lemon Sauce
Grandma’s Pork Chops Rice
Blood Sausage
Linguiça Pica / Spicy Portuguese Sausage
Pork with Papaya and Pumpkin
Galinha Portuegueza / Portuguese Chicken
Chicken with Olives    
Chicken with Apricots
Pot Roast Chicken
Portuguese Fried Chicken    
Rosemary Chicken
Cozido Autentico / Boiled Dinner
Cozido II / Quick Boiled Dinner

Peixes, Mariscos e Mollusca / Fish, Shellfish, Mollusks
Bacalhao Stew
Portuguese/Hawaiian Cod Salad    
Fried Fish with Onion Sauce
Baked Whole Fish
Rolos de Atom / Tuna-Stuffed Rolls
Mollusca Portugueza / Clams, Mussels     or Abalone, Portuguese-Style
Salmon Gravy

Grao, Milho, Arroz, Feijão  / Grains, Cornmeal, Rice, Beans
Lemon Potatoes
Fried Rice-Potato Cakes
Rice Salad Portugueza
Portuguese “Spanish” Rice
Baked Rice, Portuguese-style
Arroz Verde / Green Rice
Drunken Rice
Milho / Cornmeal Porridge    
Milho Frito / Fried Cornmeal Porridge
Spicy Tomato Favas, Limas or Edamame
Hot Garbanzo Salad
Portuguese Baked Beans
Recheio I / Simple Leftover Stuffing
O Recheio de Minha Comadre /     My Godmother’s Stuffing
Vinha D’ahlos Roast Beef

Salades e Legumes / Salads, Vegetables    
Grelos / Sauteed Portuguese Cabbage    or Collard Greens
Green Beans with Linguiça
Green Mousse with Roasted Tomatoes    
Eggplant, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato “Tempura”
Olive and Bell Pepper Salad
Esperregado / Spinach in White Sauce
Marinated Eggplant Salad
Watercress and Walnut Salad
Mrs. Tyau’s Dressing
Mint Vinaigrette
Lemon Zucchini
Portuguese Peas

O Pão / Bread    
Broa / Yeasted Portuguese Cornbread    
Pão Doce Peters / Mrs. Peters’ Sweetbread (Modernized)
Pão Doce
Malassadas / Portuguese Doughnuts
Bunuelos Doce / Sweetbread Buns
Pão de Leite / Milk Bread
Paozinhos /Portuguese sandwich rolls
Portuguese Biscuits

Doces / Sweets
Pipinellas Pie
Pudim Flan / Portuguese Burnt Cream
Guava Jam Squares
Brother/Sister Orange Cookies
Malassada Bread Pudding
Biscoitos de Nogueira / Glazed Walnut Squares
Portuguese Almond Cake    
Eleanora Cadinha’s Fruitcake
Grandma’s Coconut Turnovers
Delicia de Laranja / Orange Pudding

Author: Wanda A. Adams