Hawaii’s women bring light and life to these islands. They are our sisters, wives, mothers, daughters, aunties, and grandmothers; the unifying elements that enrich our traditions and bind our families. They are the cooks who create our comfort foods and the angels who fill our homes with grace and harmony. Their love transcends culture and ethnicity, and nurtures every hope that breathes in our souls.

Na Wahine, a collection of proverbs and vintage photographs from the many different racial groups that make up Hawaii’s unique ethnic landscape, is a poignant celebration of our Island women. Through the generations, the influence has supplied us with the resonant balance—the pono—that defines our identity and connects us to this land.

At the beginning of the book, attach a photo of the woman in your life and give this book as a gift, or add it to your personal library. It honors the women in our lives, their goodness, and their abiding love.