Nine-year-old Samantha Plum, born and raised in San Francisco, crosses the Pacific to the Philippines, land of her ancestors. On the way, she meets Solo, the magical Hawaiian, who becomes one of her mentors. In the Philippines, she finds a very different world and meets the spirit of her ancestor Lolo Ciano, brother of the national hero Jose Rizal. She and her family are threatened by the spell of a vengeful duwende and the schemes of an evil cousin. Lolo Ciano, Solo and his aumakua the tiger shark help Sammy learn who she is, so she can save herself and her family. Only if You Can Find Me is based on the life of the author’s niece who was diagnosed with autism after returning from a trip to the Philippines. A wise Chinese man said the little girl’s mind was taken by a creature of the earth who lived in the jungle.

Author: Patricia Laurel