Over 200 photographs on this amazing flowering plant family. An authoritative text provides a wealth of information on correct English and scientific names, including pronunciation, buying and caring for the plants, flower arrangements, general and historic information. The first book on proteas ever published in the United States.

Table of contents

  • True Proteas
    • A Word about Proteas
    • King (Protea cynaroides)
    • Queen (P. magnifica)
    • “Princess” (P. grandiceps), apple green protea (P. coronata), and Stokoe’s Protea (P. stokoei)
    • “Prince” (P. compacta)
    • “Duchess” (P. eximia)
    • “Red baron” (P. obtusifolia)
    • “Pink mink” (P. neriifolia) and “blank mink” (P. lepidocarpodendron)
    • “Ermine tail” (P. longifolia) and ground-rose (P. pudens)
    • Sugarbush (P. repens)
    • “Baby proteas” (P. aurea, P. lacticolor, P. mundii, P. punctata)
  • Pincushions
    • “Sunburst” (Leucospermum cordifolium)
    • “Pink star” (L. tottum)
    • “Pinwheel” (L. catherinae)
    • Hawaii Gold hybrid
    • Veldfire hybrid
  • Leucadendrons (foliage proteas)
    • Silver tree (Leucadendron argenteum)
    • “Flametip” (male) and “yellow tulip” (female): (L. discolor)
    • “Yellow tulip” (L. laureolum)
    • Safari Sunset, Silvan Red, “multifloras,” “multicones” (Leucadendron hybrids and miscellany)
  • Banksias
    • A Word About Banksias
    • Woolly banksia (Banksia baueri)
    • “Summer lime” (B. baxteri)
    • “Golden acorn” (B. burdettii)
    • “Scarlet banksia” (B. coccinea)
    • “Raspberry frost” (B. menziesii)
    • “Indian summer” (B. occidentalis)
    • “Rickrack banksia” (B. speciosa)
    • “Orange frost” (B. prionotes)
  • Australian Golden Dryandra
  • Care of Cut Flowers
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Dried Proteas and Banksias
  • Growing Proteas

Author: Angela Kay Kepler

Photographer: Jacob R. Mau