We all enjoy light reading to pass the time in waiting rooms, to relax, or to help us fall asleep.

Here is Hawai‘i’s first-ever collection of over 200 flash pieces served in consumable bites. They will amuse, educate, and entertain and they don’t require deep thinking. There is something for all tastes with a vast array of subjects, compiled from many sources.

Included are short sayings, anecdotes, little-known facts and historical stories that will broaden your understanding and knowledge of Hawai‘i.

Sit back and enjoy your wait reading about ghosts, Pele, shaved ice, World War II, paniolo, baseball, island geography, night marchers, Kona nightingales, parrotfish, Barking Sands, early Honolulu luau, and much, much more.

Author: John Stephens