• A pocket tour guide to 35 botanical gardens across the Hawaiian Islands.
  • The haunting story of the Scottish-Hawaiian Princess Victoria Ka'iulani; the fragile beauty who, as heir-apparent, was groomed all her life to be the future Queen of Hawaii. Despite the struggles of loyal Royalists who fought for their beleaguered...
  • Science, Natural History, Animals, Hawaiian History, Island Trivia?It?s All Here and All So Disgusting, You Won?t Even Notice You?re Learning
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    A young abandoned Hawaiian boy, living among the homeless in Ala Moana Park, spends his days observing tourists, swimming in the ocean and rummaging in the trash. At first glance there is nothing special about young Ikauikalani, till you learn he can see
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    Sam shares the secrets of wok cooking and some of his tastiest wok recipes in this easy-to-follow cookbook.
  • Menehune Mystery is a retelling of favorite narratives: The ‘Alekoko fishpond, the Kīkī-a-Ola aqueduct, Laka’s canoe, the wizard Kahano-a-newa and Kū-leo-nui, and Kamapua‘a’s house, among others. It is also a forensic analysis of the myth’s trajectory. Were Menehune the ancestors of Hawai‘i’s people? Did the famous Wainiha Menehune census actually take place? Which storytellers carried the stories forward faithfully? Who were the narrators who twisted the tale to suit their own objectives? And what evidence exists that little people might once have existed in Polynesia?