• Menehune Mystery is a retelling of favorite narratives: The ‘Alekoko fishpond, the Kīkī-a-Ola aqueduct, Laka’s canoe, the wizard Kahano-a-newa and Kū-leo-nui, and Kamapua‘a’s house, among others. It is also a forensic analysis of the myth’s trajectory. Were Menehune the ancestors of Hawai‘i’s people? Did the famous Wainiha Menehune census actually take place? Which storytellers carried the stories forward faithfully? Who were the narrators who twisted the tale to suit their own objectives? And what evidence exists that little people might once have existed in Polynesia?
  • More feared and respected than loved, King Kamehameha has come to be a revered symbol of Hawaiian resolve, strength, capability and independence. He was a violent, unforgiving warrior and the consummate chief, the fulfillment of centuries of warfare that ended only after all his competitors had all been vanquished, he and his dynasty destined for greatness and tragedy.
  • Here in Back in the Day, Lynette, well-known cookbook author and food columnist shares her love for home-cooking with these delightful, old-fashioned recipes from her family and friends.

  • Misfit Spirit is a collection of entertaining, incisive and insightful writings that explores the issues and themes connected to religion in Hawaii. The more than sixty articles cover a wide range of topics that branch from the trunk of the different religious traditions.
  • Science, Natural History, Animals, Hawaiian History, Island Trivia?It?s All Here and All So Disgusting, You Won?t Even Notice You?re Learning
  • A Harvest of Hawai?i Plantation Pidgin is an important contribution to our understanding of plantation life and the Japanese experience in Hawai?i.