• In this informative and easy-to-follow book, author Van James highlights the features, legends, and archaeology of forty Kaua?i sites, including Ni?ihau and Papah?naumoku?kea, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
  • Sixteen years ago, Jean Hee released her first desserts cookbook, Hawaii’s Best Local Desserts. Almost a decade later, by popular demand Jean released Hawaii’s New Best Local Desserts, a collection of recipes that couldn’t be finished on time for her first book (Jean rigorously test and double tests each recipe) and ones that had been passed on by friends and family in the years that followed, some geared for quick preparation for the busy lifestyle that had become the norm. This newest book, The Best of the Best Hawaii Local Desserts, is a collection of Jean’s favorite dessert recipes compiled from all her cookbooks—not just the desserts ones—so they can be found in one convenient volume. For this new compilation, Jean hand-picked the most popular and favorite recipes which she tested and retested. The result is a collection of easy-to-prepare desserts that use ingredients found in any pantry as well as elegant, made-from-scratch masterpieces for those who have the time to bake on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The recipes take advantage of Hawaii’s bounty of fruit. There’s plenty of bread pudding recipes, chocolate galore, and a wide variety of cookies, bars, tarts and cupcakes that are sure to be an instant hit with any crowd.
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    From reef-building corals to black corals to soft corals, each is illustrated in glowing color, many for the first time. Includes a visual directory for quick reference.
  • Journey the treacherous eleven-mile trail along Kauai's Na Pali Coast into one of nature's most extraordinary wonders-Kalalau Valley.
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    Based upon first-hand encounters with spirits, strange beings, poltergeists, fireballs and other "things that go bump in the night," these stories should be read by candlelight on a moonless night.
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    A Portuguese Kitchen: Traditional Recipes with an Island Twist explores Hawai?i?s Portuguese cooking starting with the familiar favorites like soups and breads, on to basic traditional dishes and special festive recipes.