• Extinct Birds of Hawaii captures the vanishing world of unique bird species that has slipped away in the Islands mostly due to human frivolity and unconcern.
  • An in-depth exploration of the myriad of interrelationships that account for the complexities of reefs, presented in a quasi-text book format with mini-lessons.
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    An homage to Maui's legacy and beauty with an extravagant, beautifully presented blend of words and photos designed to delight and inform.
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    Poke, Hawaii's favorite food has taken off. It is sold, served, and savored everywhere--in bustling fish markets, in humble plate lunch places, at weekend picnics, at family gatherings, and at restaurants both in Hawaii and the continental U.S.
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    Chef Sam Choy takes you step-by-step through culinary delights, using uncomplicated and easy-to-prepare recipes from his popular television show, Sam Choy's Kitchen.
  • Authors Ui and Steven Goldsberry, and a collection of the finest photographers working in Hawaii, offer up this delightful look at what Island folks do on Sunday.
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    The Bone Hook is the late Ian MacMillan's third Hawaii novel and is published posthumously. Ian passed away--too soon--in 2008.
  • Polynesian tattooing has enjoyed a robust revival in recent decades. This compilation of over 200 detailed images presents some of the finest work being done both in the islands and abroad.