• Fifty passion fruit recipes are presented--from drinks such as Lilikoi Sangria and Lilikoi Lemon Drop, to salsas, dipping sauces, curry sauces, and heavenly desserts such as Lilikoi Chiffon Squares and Coconut Lilikoi Cheesecake.
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    Through nostalgic photographs, return to the Waikiki of mule-drawn trolley cars, famed luau, Duke Kahanamoku, and other famous personages.
  • This handy pocket edition of How to Hula is perfect for beginners. It enables the novice to learn to dance the hula with a minimum amount of effort. Detailed explanations of basic hula footsteps and hand movements complement and reinforce...
  • A Hawaiian vacation just isn?t complete without the spellbinding experience of witnessing the hula?hands gracefully expressing tales of love and nature, accompanied by the rhythmic sway of the dancer?s hips.
  • The appeal of Doug Peebles' photographs is to our visual senses using the amazing colors of what we see everyday. The focus is on the textures and moods of what is around us in Hawai‘i. We are often too preoccupied to take in Hawai‘i’s vibrant beauty and the array of colors that illuminate the background of our busy lives.  
  • Here are over 50 favorite recipes from the best-selling Hawai‘i Cooks with SPAM® including local, American, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean dishes that Hawai‘i enjoys so much in its love affair with this amazing food.