• It?s never too early to begin reading to your child, and this new, sturdy board book, perfect for drooling gums and curious hands is sure to become a favorite bedtime book.
  • What happens when the rising sun invites you to come along, too? Journey up, up, up into the Hawaiian sky with the sun as your guide, meeting birds and bees, flying over treetops and airplanes, and soaring through an outstretched rainbow. Then set softly
  • Uncle?s magic thrownet was magic indeed.It could catch every fish that there was in the sea...
  • In this Hawaiian version of the well-known song, children will be introduced to the concept of Polynesian navigation using stars. It?s a gentle story about perseverance, hope, and comfort. A perfect bedtime story sure to become a classic in your family.
  • Across the islands it's go, go, go! All kinds of vehicles big and small make their way through tunnels, over bridges, along beaches, and past pali. Parents and toddlers are sure to enjoy identifying all the busy vehicles rolling across our islands.

  • Water flows around and across the islands. All kinds of watercraft big and small sail on the deep sea, in smiling bays, down rivers, and past beaches. Parents and toddlers are sure to enjoy identifying all the busy ships, boats, and more gracing our islands’ waters.

  • There was an old auntie who sailed her canoe From Hana to Hilo then Kalamazoo.
  • On the first day of hula my kumu gave to me a hula bag from a hala tree. 'Ukulele strum and 'uli'uli fly. Bamboo sticks and ginger lei fill the dancer's hula bag. This local twist on the famous song will have you swaying to the island beat. Count from one
  • Presented in both English and Hawaiian, it's the story of 'Iliouakaua-the fierce and terrible Storm Dog-that races across the ocean along the shores of Ka'a'awa.
  • An enchanted fish is caught by a fisherman on the island of Kaua'i. To all the villagers' surprise, the fish grows and grows, his scales fall, his fins turn into arms and legs, and he becomes a giant.
  • A young boy named 'Eleu gathers 'opihi when he comes across a kapa cloth floating in the ocean. It is a cloak stamped with the markings of shark fins. Taking it to show his father, he soon learns that the cloak belongs to Nanaue, a quiet and mysterious...
  • This humorous board book introduces keiki to some of Hawai‘i’s most well-known and interesting animals and allows them to imagine with the main character—what kind of pet would I get?

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    One day, while a hungry pua'a (pig) searches the forest for food, a sweet potato comes tumbling down a hill and hits him on the head. It?s such a sweet-looking sweet potato, the pua'a can't help himself but show it off to all his friends.
  • A young girl and her brother venture out too far into the deep ocean. Suddenly a giant eel, the Great Puhi, grabs her brother and pulls him under. Frantic, Nani, his sister, turns to the sea creatures for help.
  • Discover all the fun things that make Hawai?i special while learning your ABCs and 123s. With 64 pages to color?including 24 activities?kids can color humpback whales, aloha shirts, fish, a flower lei, dolphins, and more.
  • Follow these carefree, little surfers as they head out to catch some waves and count down from ten to one.
  • Almost every preschooler in Hawai?i can sing the song Slippery Fish (also known as Octopus). Now you can take it home in book form with colorful illustrations that highlight Hawai?i?s incandescent, vibrant underwater world.