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    Based on the classic song "Over in the Meadow," children will love to learn counting one to ten while learning more about the Hawaiian Islands. Children will relate to the mimicing between the mother and child animals in the book. Each Hawaiian island is
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    One rainy day, Emma put on her surf shirt and went outside to play.
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    THIS JUST IN! Santa spotted leaving the North Pole in the middle of the night only days before Christmas. Where could he be going?
  • Naupaka

    The Naupaka legend tells the story of why this native shrub, found both in the mountains and by the sea, blooms just half a flower, It is a story of love, jealousy, and separation and has inspired hula practitioners, songwriters, and storytellers.
  • Count out the ingredients that go into a super delicious bowl of saimin from one to ten. Not only will you build up an appetite for some hot saimin, you?ll build up an appetite for reading!
  • Parents and children will love this colorful boardbook - sturdy for even the most boisterous child - in a fun and imaginative die-cut shape. Learn how to count from ten to one and follow each special tourist as they leave the bus to visit different sites