• As a child, Hana saves a baby honu from certain death. From that day on, they become best friends. Soon the day comes when they must part ways. Hana is becoming a man, and his honu has become a full grown turtle who must go back to the open ocean. Later,
  • Join gecko on his adventurous Hawaiian day after he gets shooed out of his house, almost gets stepped on by hula dancers, meets an angry mouse, tastes some 'ono plate lunch, says hi to a sea turtle, and visits with friends before returning to his house fo
  • Can You Catch a Coqui Frog is a colorful introduction to some of Hawai?i?s most well-known animals from the titled coqui frog to the monk seal. The rhyme can be sung to the popular tune Do Your Ears Hang Low.
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    Based on the classic song "Over in the Meadow," children will love to learn counting one to ten while learning more about the Hawaiian Islands. Children will relate to the mimicing between the mother and child animals in the book. Each Hawaiian island is
  • On the first day of hula my kumu gave to me a hula bag from a hala tree. 'Ukulele strum and 'uli'uli fly. Bamboo sticks and ginger lei fill the dancer's hula bag. This local twist on the famous song will have you swaying to the island beat. Count from one
  • Cacy and Kiara are sixth grade cousins who couldn?t be more different from each other. When their two schools take the same field trip to Hawai?i Volcanoes National Park, Cacy and Kiara are thrown into an adventure filled with mystery and murder.
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