• There's no better time to feed child's curiosity about language, math, cultures, and the natural world around them.
  • Long, long ago, on the Island of Hawai'i, there lived two beautiful goddesses. So begins the retelling of the classic Hawaiian legend-a tale of fire and ice-when Pele ventured off her fiery mountaintop to make mischief and challenge Poli'ahu to a sled rac
  • Pele is Hawaii's beloved fire goddess. This story follows Pele as she searches for a home. Along with her little white dog, she travels across the islands and finds many beautiful places, but none of them are the perfect fit. So Pele creates her own home
  • Settle baby down for an afternoon nap on the beach with this re-imagining of the classic nursery rhyme. Written music with guitar and ?ukulele chords included.
  • What does the alphabet do on its day off? From the title, we know S goes surfing, but what about A? C? L, M, N, O, and P? Kids will absolutely love finding out and following each letter throughout their Hawaiian holiday off from school.
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    A lovely, simple book that celebrates the power of the imagination. A young boy wants to go out and surf, but he?s told that he is too small by his mother, his father, and his brother.