• There's no better time to feed child's curiosity about language, math, cultures, and the natural world around them.
  • Long, long ago, on the Island of Hawai'i, there lived two beautiful goddesses. So begins the retelling of the classic Hawaiian legend-a tale of fire and ice-when Pele ventured off her fiery mountaintop to make mischief and challenge Poli'ahu to a sled rac
  • Pele is Hawaii's beloved fire goddess. This story follows Pele as she searches for a home. Along with her little white dog, she travels across the islands and finds many beautiful places, but none of them are the perfect fit. So Pele creates her own home
  • Settle baby down for an afternoon nap on the beach with this re-imagining of the classic nursery rhyme. Written music with guitar and ?ukulele chords included.
  • What does the alphabet do on its day off? From the title, we know S goes surfing, but what about A? C? L, M, N, O, and P? Kids will absolutely love finding out and following each letter throughout their Hawaiian holiday off from school.
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    A lovely, simple book that celebrates the power of the imagination. A young boy wants to go out and surf, but he?s told that he is too small by his mother, his father, and his brother.
  • A story about sharing every day of the week in Hawai'i
  • THIS JUST IN! Santa spotted leaving the North Pole in the middle of the night only days before Christmas. Where could he be going?
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    THIS JUST IN! Santa spotted leaving the North Pole in the middle of the night only days before Christmas. Where could he be going?
  • Young Kai and Lehua hop aboard the SS Scoutabout for an adventure of a lifetime, studying sharks with Captain Mike, biologist Aunt Jan, and their seafaring pup, Scout. Cruising from Hawaii to California, they encounter beautiful oceanic whitetips, great whites, thrashing threshers, and the biggest fish of all, the whale shark. Approaching the mainland, they discover all is not well for some sharks in California waters and the two kids make plans to help the sharks, to help the ocean!
  • The perfect read-aloud book that reads like a shave ice rap listing a variety of flavors like pineapple, coconut, liliko?i, too, watermelon, li hing mui, grape, honeydew.
  • What?s a more iconic symbol of growing up in Hawai?i than slippers? From the moment little ones learn how to walk, they pick out little slippers to wear. At preschools, you see slippers lined up against the wall outside the classroom. On playgrounds,
  • Almost every preschooler in Hawai?i can sing the song Slippery Fish (also known as Octopus). Now you can take it home in book form with colorful illustrations that highlight Hawai?i?s incandescent, vibrant underwater world.
  • Follow these carefree, little surfers as they head out to catch some waves and count down from ten to one.
  • Discover all the fun things that make Hawai?i special while learning your ABCs and 123s. With 64 pages to color?including 24 activities?kids can color humpback whales, aloha shirts, fish, a flower lei, dolphins, and more.
  • A young girl and her brother venture out too far into the deep ocean. Suddenly a giant eel, the Great Puhi, grabs her brother and pulls him under. Frantic, Nani, his sister, turns to the sea creatures for help.
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    One day, while a hungry pua'a (pig) searches the forest for food, a sweet potato comes tumbling down a hill and hits him on the head. It?s such a sweet-looking sweet potato, the pua'a can't help himself but show it off to all his friends.
  • This humorous board book introduces keiki to some of Hawai‘i’s most well-known and interesting animals and allows them to imagine with the main character—what kind of pet would I get?