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    A freshly endearing children's story about an ordinary family pet that proves to be an extraordinary clever dog. Most dogs can sit, roll over, and fetch a ball. Our clever dog has figured out how to balance a biscuit on his nose...
  • Calling fish lovers of all ages! Learn the ABCs in a new and fun way. Grab a board, fin, or float; or hop aboard a boat. Snorkel or swim in the sea and meet fishes A to Z!
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    Puilani is a humpback whale. It is time for his pod to make the long trip from Alaska to Hawaii. On their journey, a winter storm swells up. In the rising rushing waves, Puilani gets separated from his pod. As the skies clear, he sees a bright red...
  • Join Yuki-chan and her adopted family as they prepare for Japanese New Year
  • "A Home for Honu and All Hawaiian Threatened and Endangered Animals"  features 24 coloring pages and colorful stickers that will lead you into the world of Hawaii's endangered animals. Learn about honu and monk seals in the sea along with iiwi and other birds highin mountain rainforests. See how important it is to help protect these creatures for generations to come.
  • A Potty Book for Hawai'i's Kids