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  • For Sam, cooking should be easy and from the heart, and this is why he did this new edition of "With Sam Choy." This collection of recipes emphasizes natural farm-to-table ingredients. All the cooking is one step, including the accompanying dips and sauces.
  • Sam Choy’s Aloha Cuisine matches and blends recipes that define Chef Sam Choy’s popular Hawaii Regional Style cooking. Sam’s cuisine is rooted in the multiethnic soul of the islands reflecting a melding of East and West, with distinctive Polynesian flourishes and some highly innovative twists. His recipes reflect a culinary style based on simplicity, surprises, and making opposite flavors attract and work together.
  • Whether you enjoy eating or preparing poke, whether you are a true aficionado or just like to order poke at your favorite restaurant, there is a recipe for you in this book.
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    Using fresh, common ingredients, Sam provides over 150 recipes for any occasion--from simple pupu for tailgate parties to favorite island entrees--all with friendly, easy-to-follow directions.
  • Join celebrity chef Sam Choy in this little celebration of Hawaii's cuisine. Though the book is tiny, it will satisfy some mighty appetites and introduce you to the world of Hawaiian regional cuisine!
  • Poke is a dish that is usually built around raw seafood, cut into cubes and dressed with sauces and spices. Hawaii's ambassador of poke, Chef Sam Choy, has collected more than thirty of the Islands' very best poke recipes.
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    Aloha Cuisine matches and blends selected recipes of Chef Sam Choy from both his New York and Hawaii published books.