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  • In Fire & Fury: 35 Years of Eruptions at Kilauea Volcano, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser chronicles that 35-year span with over 200 photos, many from Star-Advertiser photographers who covered the geological marvel over the decades. Special fold-out pages introduce six phases of the eruptive activity, with stories and maps to remind readers of the events and how they impacted the surrounding communities.
  • The appeal of Doug Peebles' photographs is to our visual senses using the amazing colors of what we see everyday. The focus is on the textures and moods of what is around us in Hawai‘i. We are often too preoccupied to take in Hawai‘i’s vibrant beauty and the array of colors that illuminate the background of our busy lives.  
  • “When they said Hawaii, they meant Waikiki.”  Honoring nature’s enduring role in creating Waikiki as a place of stunning beauty, and an iconic vision of all that makes Hawaii paradise.
  • Absolute Maui revisits the island many consider the world's finest. Images were requested from Maui's major photographers, who search its byways, mountains and beaches daily for visual opportunities.
  • Islands of Wonder: O?ahu is an illustrated sojourn tour of the island, covering all its amazing sites and sights.