• Possibly the most important work in Hawaiian literature, Hawaii's Story is a poignant plea from Hawaii's queen to restore her people's kingdom.
  • The author, Milly Singletary, spent countless hours researching newspapers, magazines, video tapes and microfilm and interviewed over 200 people to complete this portrait of Clara.
  • Kaiulani's story is Hawaii's own story spanning the years when Hawaii went from monarchy to territory. A fairy-tale princess, she became the shining heroine of a humbled nation who died young and beautiful.
  • This year, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the Queen's passing. This photo album tells her life story. Taking pictures and design from Liliuokalani s own photo albums, filled with what were called carte de visite...left behind after a social call, or exchanged at gatherings, Liliuokalani...A Royal Album follows the seventy-nine years of Liliuokalani s eventful life, which began in her grandfather s grass-thatched hale and ended in Washington Place, her place of refuge in the decades that followed her overthrow.
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    Now in a larger format with a new cover, Nahienaena presents a compelling biography of Kamehameha's sacred daughter who in legend was descended from the gods.
  • The haunting story of the Scottish-Hawaiian Princess Victoria Ka'iulani; the fragile beauty who, as heir-apparent, was groomed all her life to be the future Queen of Hawaii. Despite the struggles of loyal Royalists who fought for their beleaguered...
  • Impressions of the final years of R.L.S. in his mansion, Vailima, in Western Samoa, still writing books, caring for family and friends, and advising Polynesian chieftains in the local civil wars.