• Menehune Mystery is a retelling of favorite narratives: The ‘Alekoko fishpond, the Kīkī-a-Ola aqueduct, Laka’s canoe, the wizard Kahano-a-newa and Kū-leo-nui, and Kamapua‘a’s house, among others. It is also a forensic analysis of the myth’s trajectory. Were Menehune the ancestors of Hawai‘i’s people? Did the famous Wainiha Menehune census actually take place? Which storytellers carried the stories forward faithfully? Who were the narrators who twisted the tale to suit their own objectives? And what evidence exists that little people might once have existed in Polynesia?
  • In this compelling, reflective, and sometimes humorous memoir, the son of a dark-skinned, tough-as-nails Hawaiian father and frantic, no-nonsense Hawaiian mother is born with red hair. Rudolph Puana grows up in hardscrabble Kahaluu, Oahu...
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    With a distinct style that breathes with life, O.A. Bushnell tells an epic story that has a huge cast of characters and the full drama of history.
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    A novel that describes with eloquence the collision of two opposing cultures during a turbulent time in Maui's past.
  • Thirteen yarns drawn from the famous author's love affair with Hawaii Nei. London was at the peak of his powers when he wrote them. Foreword by A. Grove Day.
  • Set in a contemporary Hawaii only a few know, The Tattoo reveals a side of paradise not usually seen as it traces the life of a young man with a troubled past.
  • Bunji, his father said, "I doubt your life in Japan will be easy for you. Or that I can help you. But do whatever you must in order to live fully. Take risks and live. Make your own karma."