• Don Chapman, award-winning writer and editor of MidWeek has compiled a list of humorous observations about living in Hawaii that will make you laugh out loud and make you proud to be a part of the unique way of life in these islands.
  • This collection of fifty songs comes from the popular era of Hawaiian music in the first half of the twentieth century. These songs were written primarily by recognized writers and arranged by well-known Hawaiian musicians Henry Allen with some original s
  • This highly illustrated timeline, with over 300 photographs, moves readers through the history of Hawaiian Islands, telling a story point by point until a fuller picture emerges.
  • From ancient heiau to American pop culture, follow the transformative journey of tiki. New cover in 2012.
  • Polynesian tattooing has enjoyed a robust revival in recent decades. This compilation of over 200 detailed images presents some of the finest work being done both in the islands and abroad.
  • Definitive guide to movies filmed on Kaua'i. Organized geographically and covers blockbusters, documentaries, foreign films and surf movies.
  • The Hawaiian Word Book is a collection of the 50 most commonly used Hawaiian Words in modern English conversation as well as the words for numbers 1 through 10, the days of the week, months, parts of the body and members of the ohana.
  • The Hawaiian Tattoo provides a look at the history, art and traditions of tattooing in the Hawaiian culture. It is an invaluable resource abo