Those who live on Maui and those who visit share a common bond: they don’t want to be anywhere else. Some love the beaches, or the mountains, or the ocean, or the weather. Others cherish the family connections and cultural continuity the island nurtures. Many enjoy Maui’s unique, friendly, fun-loving, big-hearted, active and healthful lifestyle. And everyone appreciates the island’s robust diversity.

The qualities that make Maui unique and universally loved are captured in the chapters that follow. There is a Maui only the sun, the stars, and the birds could see until recently: rugged cliffs, surf-fringed reefs, hidden waterfalls, and eroded mountain tops. There is a Maui seen from a walker ’s perspective: misty ocean coves, palm shaded beaches, dramatic overlooks, smoldering sunsets, and storybook skies vivid with rainbows. There is a nature lover’s Maui: tiny insects, birds and mountain ferns, dazzling arrays of tropical flowers, as well as monk seals, great whales, and other sea life. There is Upcountry, a “mountain Maui” of scenic farms and ranches; and the rugged H?na Coast, where emerald rain forests meet a sapphire sea. Then there is the Maui most familiar t