The supernatural traditions of Asia, Hawaii, and the Pacific have flourished independently for thousands of years, but have remained largely unrecognized against mainstream conventions. The recent popularity of Asian horror cinema in the West, however, has led to a renewed interest in Eastern ghostlore, and it is in this resurgence that Asian Supernatural, Including Hawaii and the Pacific, aims to pacify the curious reader. Meant to bridge the gap between East and West, the book provides a listing of ghosts, demons, and witches from virtually every single Asian nation and culture. New readers will be introduced to characters previously unknown due to language and resource barriers, while natives of the outlined countries will see their guei, yurei, kwisin, ma, hantu, multo, and lapu proudly represented alongside each other in one comprehensive volume. See Alex Paman’s lecture on Asian Supernatural as reported by Sacramento’s “The State Hornet”.


Author: Alex G. Paman