Bring back a more relaxed time, where homemade food was common, and families would bring out their signature dishes at parties. This colorful cookbook includes 106 delicious home-style recipes for you to treasure.

These easy-to-follow, tried and true dishes include Pork Chops Simmered in Onions, Tuna Casserole, Beef Stew, Warabi Salad, and Fried Aku Bones. Learn how to make the best Baked Ham with Raisin Sauce, Shrimp Canlis and the easiest Sausages with Potatoes and Onions. And of course, nostalgic favorites like Pound Cake, Rice Pilaf, and tasty Pea Salad.

And for dessert lovers, enjoy sweet tasting favorites like Mango Loaf, Double-Crusted Banana Pie, Lazy Daisy Cake, and Pumpkin Chiffon Pie and become the favored guest at potlucks with the Soba Salad and Kobumaki.

Lynette Lo Tom’s best-selling A Chinese Kitchen featured traditional recipes with an island twist. Back in the Day continues her quest to share great, local Hawai‘i, family-style recipes and engaging stories with you.

Here in Back in the Day, Lynette, well-known cookbook author and food columnist shares her love for home-cooking with these delightful, old-fashioned recipes from her family and friends.