Palau, one of the world’s greatest adventure destinations, has been largely known for its diving and spectacular scenery. With over 700 spectacular photos, this new book reveals the equally amazing wildlife of these remote and beautiful islands. Talented wildlife photographer Mandy Etpison and ornithologist H. Douglas Pratt have teamed up to produce a book that is not only as visually stunning as the islands themselves, but deeply informative about a little-studied island fauna. It is one of the most complete photo-documentations of the natural history of the birds and bats of an archipelago ever published, and will be an essential reference for Palauan residents, visiting birders, and serious students of island biology. Life histories of many endemic birds are here revealed for the first time, and all but the rarest of Palau’s migratory visitors, including some previously unpublished records, are also covered.


Authors and Photographers: H. Douglas Pratt and Mandy T. Etpison