After social services rescues three abused children—Shane, Boi, and Glory—from a junked city bus, a state senator and his beauty queen wife adopt one, a taro farmer and a hula dancer take in another, and the only girl ends up back in the clutches of their druggie mother.

When these siblings later reunite as young adults, conflicts rise as they battle their grim pasts and attempt to break from their ill-fated trajectories. 

Boi no Good is about a rich kid trying to be tough, a criminal with a gruesome past who will do anything to stay free, and a juvenile delinquent turned cop who wants to save the world and blow it up at the same time.

When a pending law threatens to change the face of Hawaii, Boi will do anything to stop it, even if his siblings and a state senator stand in his way.


Author: Chris McKinney