Cooking Hawaiian Style—the TV show and website—documents and preserves a vital part of island culture: its food. Anyone who lives in the islands knows that food—both making it and sharing it—is at the top of everyone’s list of favorable activities.

And when we talk food in Hawai‘i, we are also talking ‘ohana as it is with ‘ohana that food is enjoyed from baby l?‘au, graduations, and other celebrations, to potlucks, barbecues, dining out, and family get togethers. Many of Hawai‘i’s best recipes are passed down from generation to generation. 

Frank and Lanai’s Cooking Hawaiian Style television show invites well-known celebrities and chefs to share their favorite dishes by preparing the recipes while the cameras are rolling. Inevitably, the recipes turn out to be a family favorite or the professional chef talks about how a family member influenced his or her cooking. Usually the recipes come with stories and notes to ignite fond island and ‘ohana memories. 

So enjoy this second collection of ‘ohana dishes such as Venison Chili and Coconut Shrimp along with old stand bys like Pork Guisantes and Guava Chicken, or variations on a theme like the Furikake Chicharron Chicken Katsu, Mini Korean-Style Kimbap Spam Musubi and Poi Malasada French Toast.


Keep It Simple

Melveen Leed’s Poisson Cru
Henry Kapono’s Lomi ‘?pae
Roman DePeralta’s Crab Wontons
Roman DePeralta’s Spicy ‘Ahi Poke
Roman DePeralta’s Coconut Shrimp
Halm’s K?lua Pork Sliders
Halm’s Kim Chee Dip
Frank Abraham’s California Roll Pok
Jalna Amoy’s Teriyaki Spam® with Green Beans
Frank Abraham’s Mini Korean-Style Kimbap Spam® Musubi
Aunty Debbie Morris’ Salmon Gravy
Keiko McDermott’s Japanese Onion Carrot Dressing

Plate Lunch Favorites

Maile Symmond’s Char Siu Pad Ki Mao (Chow Funn)
Maile Symmond’s Evil Princess
Halm’s K?lua Pork Kim Chee Fried Rice
Sun Noodle’s Fried Saimin
Gordon Lum’s Chicken Panang with Macadamia Nuts
Gordon Lum’s Chicken Look Funn
Aunty Marlene Daligdig’s Shoyu Chicken
Gordon Lum’s Island Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce
Anuhea’s Furikake Salmon
Brother Noland’s Teriyaki Venison Medallions
Chef Ron De Guzman’s Okoy
Kuana Torres’ Big Island Crockpot Short Ribs
Frank Abraham’s Guava Chicken
Mom’s (Thyra Abraham) Sweet Sour Spare Ribs
Frank Abraham’s Curry Meatballs
Mom’s (Thyra Abraham) School-Kine Spanish Rice
Aunty Laurie Lee’s Chinese Spare Ribs
Uncle Daniel Tom’s Ginger-Garlic Beef & Sweet Peas with Gravy
Aunty Fely Dias’ Pork Guisantes
Grandpa Raymond Torii’s Nishime

Soup’s On!

Chef Lee Anne Wong’s Dumplings with Lemongrass Broth
Lanai Tabura’s Chicken Paria Soup
Taz Vegas’ Kai Choi Pork Soup
Dad’s (Frank Abraham) Pork Rib Sabao
Mom’s (Thyra Abraham) Soup Bone
Mom’s (Thyra Abraham) Oxtail Stew
Frank DeLima’s Portuguese Bean Soup
Sun Noodle’s Homemade Saimin Soup
Chef Adam & Makani Tabura’s Venison Chili
Lanai Tabura’s Chicken Papaya (Tinola)
Taro Brand’s Just Enough Beef Stew
Brother Noland’s Manini Soup
Aunty Rose Lee’s Homemade Somen Soup
Papa Tottori’s (Taro Brand) Crockpot Pork L?‘au

To Your Health

Chef Jesse Lipman’s Curried Kabocha & Lentil Stew
Chef Jesse Lipman’s Island Fish with ‘?lena Pesto
Dixie Rose’s Brown Rice Risotto
Dixie Rose’s Mango Quinoa Salad
Chef Jesse Lipman’s Hooulu ‘?ina Salad with Mango Dressing
Lou Cabacungan (AlohaCare) Healthy Hawaiian Banana French Toast
Hale Kealoha Restaurant’s Kalo Stir-fry
Kuana Torres’ H?‘i‘o Fern Shoot Salad
Henry Kapono’s Moon Over ‘?paka
Caroline Hoke’s Green Tea Ocean Salad
Sherry Teruya’s Healthier Banana Bread
Aunty Jan Na‘ahielua’s Vegetarian Black Bean Chili