Hawai‘i’s corals represent a dazzling array of colors and species and are home to unique sea animals and wondrous underwater ecosystems. Several of the corals can be found nowhere else in the world. Presenting over 80 species and their relatives, Corals of Hawai‘i is a comprehensive guide to virtually all currently known species of Hawaiian corals, including some corals never before reported in Hawai‘i. A photographic Coral Directory is provided for quick reference and identification along with detailed descriptions for each species throughout the book. Taxonomic notes are included to provide divers and scientists with technical details, background information and current scientific findings, along with a glossary and detailed indexes.

Table of Contents:

  • Taxonomic Outline
  • Coral Reefs
  • Coral
  • Human Impacts on Hawaiian Reefs
  • Viewing Hawaiian Reefs
  • The Most Common Corals
  • Coral Directory
  • Hard Corals (Scleractinia)
  • Zoanthids (Zoanthidea)
  • Corallimorphs (Corallimorpharia)
  • Black Corals (Antipatharia)
  • Soft Corals (Octocorallia or Alcyonaria)
  • Plants: Coralline Algae (Rhodophyta)
  • Taxonomic Notes
  • Additional Species
  • Endemism

Author: Dr. Douglas Fenner