Ashley Dougherty, Hawaii’s Coupon Queen, teaches couponers in Hawaii how to live frugally in paradise with her website, This book was created to compliment her site and help you learn how to save hundreds, to thousands, of dollars a year using coupons. This book will give you the tips you need to duplicate Ashley’s money saving with simple strategic grocery planning, and coupons, while shopping in paradise! By reading this book you will become an expert at couponing and will know more about coupons and store policies than the actual employees at the store.

Included are:
• Tips on where to find and gather coupons
• How to trade and swap coupons
• Reward and point programs
• Understanding Coupons
• How to organize your coupons
• How to coupon at superstores, grocery stores, drug stores, military stores
• Tips on the check out process
• Explanation of sales cycles, coupon cycles, and stockpiling


Author: Ashley Dougherty