Over the past two centuries, the Hawaiian Islands have been visited by millions of people. Some of these visitors would become famous as authors, actors, aviators, and musicians. Others were already famous and came to Hawai‘i seeking respite from celebrity. All would find their lives changed by Hawai‘i, and many would leave an impact on the Islands.

The characters chosen for this work were carefully selected as those best known and most interesting in their impact worldwide, and include the following: David Douglas, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stephenson, Thomas Edison, Sun Yat-sen, Jack London, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Shirley Temple, General George Patton, Arthur Godfrey, Buster Crabb, Bing Crosby, Lawrence Rockefeller, Elvis Presley, and George Harrison. Though they were all famous at one time or another, many of their experiences in the Islands are little known and contribute greatly to their Hawai‘i stories. The book also points out places that were visited or by these famous people and spots where artifacts related to them are located.