Hawaii is home to some of the most exotic plumerias in the world.  Reputed to awaken the senses with their colors, fragrances, shapes and foliage, plumeria blossoms require delicate care and skill. Flora enthusiasts will find a plethora of information here about different types of plumeria, asexual propagation, rooting and media structures, cultivation, pest and weed control hybridization, cross-pollination, collecting and more. For island visitors, tips on taking home plumeria cuttings are included. For serious gardeners and botanists, the art and scientific techniques involved with hybrids, as well as naming and registration of these new varieties, are discussed in a special section.

Presenting over thirty years of botanical experience and personal discovery by author and plumeria expert Jim Little, along with special diagrams and over 200 full-color images, this book is for anyone who is enamored by plumerias. Those who are especially interested in growing their own blossoms.
Table of Contents
A Brief History
Flower Petals
Tree Habit and Leaf Shapes
Sexual Propagation
Asexual Propagation
Cuttings and Rooting
Rooting and Media Structures
Light and Temperature
Winter Preparation
Branch Pruning
Root Pruning
Pests and Weed Control
Natural Occurances
Mutations and Viruses
Chemical Experimentation
Natural Disasters
Moragne Hybridization and Cross-polination
Naming and Registration
Private Collection
Dwarf Plumerias
Rare and Favorite Cultivars
Plumeria Species
Marketing Plumeria Flowers
Collecting Plumerias
Taking Plumerias Home
Final Evaluation
Selected References
Image Index
About the Author
After receiving an MA degree in art from the University of California at Davis in 1967, Jim Little enjoyed a long and fulfilling career as a freelance photographer and teacher. During his teaching career, he turned his green thumb and passion for plumerias into a business exporting plumeria plants to the U.S. mainland and selected international countries. He has taught in California and Hawaii, including Punahou School and the University of Hawaii. Now retires from academia, Little continues to operate his plumeria nursery and farm in Hawaii. Growing Plumerias in Hawaii and Around the World is his first book.
Author: Jim Little