Hawai‘i celebrates the Hawaiian environment, presenting fresh views of familiar Hawaiian scenes and showcasing remote spots that few have the chance to experience. The photography of Douglas Peebles, who has hiked, boated and flown over every part of the Aloha State to capture an amazing sense of the islands, and the writing of Jan TenBruggencate bring to life some of the most stunning scenery of the islands—from cities and buildings to beaches, from volcanoes to remote valley settings. Over 100 photographs including favorites such as the carved god-images at a Big Island temple; a quiet remote beach; an ancient coconut grove on Moloka‘i; lava flowing into the sea; the clouds and mountaintops of a Haleakala sunrise. Hawai‘i captures the essence of a Hawai‘i that is still pristine and breathtaking.


Photographer: Douglas Peebles