Hawaiian Anchialine Pools: Windows to a Hidden World is a must read for anyone interested in Hawai‘i’s unique natural history. Readers will be astonished to learn of the clandestine existence of secretive creatures, some of which are found nowhere else on this planet. This volume and its remarkable photographs is the complilation of years of painstaking research, and will be a welcome addition to any reference library. “Windows” provides us a peek into the mysterious and ephemeral world of Hawai‘i’s anchialine pools…as well as into the dedicated efforts of a cadre of stalwart researchers.

—William Puleloa, DAR Molokai Biologist (retired)


  • How Anchialine Pools are Formed
  • Biology of Anchialine Pools
  • Biogeography of Anchialine Pool Shrimp
  • Threats to Anchialine Pools
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Biospheres and Micro-Habitats

Authors: Mike N. Yamamoto, Thomas Y. Iwai Jr., Annette W. Tagawa