Laurie Ide, the author of the best selling Hawaiian Lei Making and Hawaiian Seed Lei Making shares her expertise as a long-time florist to present 32 classic contemporary flower arrangement designs that even a beginner can do. The guide details three different styles of flower arranging: American, European and Oriental. Over 100 detailed photographs accompany the easy-to-follow directions. A photographic chart of popular tropical flowers and foliage is included, as well as care and handling tips, equipment and supply suggestion, an explanation of the principals of flower design and a color wheel.

American Style Arrangements

  • Triangle (Symmetrical) Design
  • Radiating Triangle Design
  • Right & Left Triangle Design
  • Scalene Triangle Design
  • Vertical Design
  • Crescent (“C” Curve) Design
  • Hogarth (“S” Curve)¬†Design
  • Round Design
  • Low and Long (Oval) Design

European Style Arrangements

  • Grouping
  • Parallelism
  • Framing
  • Layering
  • Landscape
  • New Convention
  • Colonial
  • Pav√®
  • Biedermier
  • Flemish
  • Hand-Tied

Oriental Style Arrangements

  • Shoka
  • Modern Rikka (Shimputai)
  • Heika
  • Moribana
  • Basic Upright-Style Nageire
  • Basic Slanting-Style Nageire
  • Juuka or Jiyuka

Author: Laurie Shimizu Ide

Author: Laurie Shimizu Ide