Here’s a colorful and fun introduction to everyday Hawaiian words for kids of any age. 

Children will love to sit with this book and point to the colorful illustrations by Maui artist Lance Bowen as they learn both the English and Hawaiian word for everyday things that surround a child’s life in Hawai‘i.

For the toddler, it’s a fun way to “see and say” as they identify a palm tree, a dolphin, or a pair of slippers. For the beginner reader, it’s an inviting, easy way to learn English and Hawaiian vocabulary—all within Hawai‘i specific contexts.

For visiting families, learn Hawaiian with your kids as you explore the islands, or take it home to share with family and friends who want to learn more about Hawai‘i before their own visit.

With over 300 words and pictures grouped by themes such as: Only in Hawai‘i, Let’s Make Music, and My Day at the Beach, the Hawaiian Word Book Just for Kids is sure to be a favorite read-and-learn-together book!

This book is a combination of Keiki’s First Word Book and Keiki’s Second Word Book, plus some additional words.

Illustrator: Lance Bowen