The daily experience around the dining table is an important one; it is where a family gets its nutrition and where the family unit is cherished. From the start, parents can emphasize the importance of both by cooking healthy, homemade meals.

Hawaii’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook will guide parents through the adventure of feeding our babies, toddlers and the whole ohana. With tips on food transitions, nutrition facts and kitchen how-tos, parents will feel confident in preparing fresh meals for their little ones.

Parents can dive into the delicious recipes created by local celebrity chefs who are parents, or aunties and uncles, just like you. These chefs know first-hand that early culinary experiences will nurture good eating habits and develop adventurous tastes in food. And since fresh products are synonymous with being local, many of these recipes will feature ingredients produced in Hawaii.

These chefs do not want to be short order cooks at home either! These recipes are not only user-friendly, but many will show you how to cook your own meals using the same ingredients. We want you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your delicious meal with your family.

From baby purées to toddler snacks to family feasts, these chefs are sure to delight the palates of your growing family. Hawaii’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook will inspire an appreciation of food and the ritual of the family meal from the beginning.


Author: Gwendolyn Trowbridge