What’s chewy and moist, comes in all shapes and flavors, is great for picnics, parties, office treats, coffee breaks, and easy to prepare? Why it’s a mochi dessert – always popular in Hawaii! In this grand collection of mochi recipes, not only can you find traditional recipes and today’s popular mochi desserts all in one cookbook, but also included are entrees, such as Siu Mai with Mochi Rice, Crisp Fried Shrimp, and Mochiko Chicken. There is also a microwave section for today’s busy lifestyle. The average microwave cooking time is around ten minutes. Best of all, most mochi desserts can be prepared a day ahead and require no refrigeration.




An Mochi #1

An Mochi #2

Apriocot Mochi

Baduya Karabasa

Baked Mochi #1

Baked Mochi #2

Baked Rice Pudding Thai-Style

Bibingka #1

Bibingka #2

Bibingka #3


Blueberry Mochi

Bud Bud (Filipino Rice Pudding)


Butter Mochi #1

Butter Mochi #2

Butter Mochi #3

Cacaron #1

Cacaron #2

Chi Chi Dango (Baked)

Chi Chi Mochi (Steamed)

Chien Doi (Chinese Doughnuts)

Chinese Mochi

Chocolate Mochi

Cocoa Mochi

Coconut Azuki Mochi

Coconut Butter Mochi

Coconut Custard Mochi

Coconut Mochi #1

Coconut Mochi #2

Coconut Mochi Dessert

Coconut Mochi Squares

Coconut Nantu

Coconut Rice Cake

Coconut-Sweet Potato Patty

Coffee Chi Chi Mochi

Custard Mochi #1

Custard Mochi #2

Custard Poi Mochi


Dau Lau


Easy Chinese Gao

Filipino Coconut Rice Pudding

Fortune Cookies

Fried Bananas with Mochiko

Fried Mochi

Gau #1 (Chinese New Year’s Pudding)

Gau #2

Gin Doi with Char Siu Filling


Habutae Mochi

Iga Mochi

Japanese Kulolo

Jell-O Mochi

Mango with Sitcky Rice

Maui Mochi

Miso Chi Chi Dango


Mochi Banana Bread

Mochi Cake

Mochi Delight

Mochi Dessert

Mochi Mango Nut Bread

Mochi Rice Porridge

Mochi Rice Pudding #1

Mochi Rice Pudding #2

Mochi with Miso Filling

Mochiko Snowballs

Nantu (Okinawan Mochi)

Nantuyinsu (Ryukyu New Year’s Pudding)

Ohagi (Bota Mochi)

Okinawa Yam Mochi


Poi Balls

Poi Mochi

Poi Puffs

Pumpkin Mochi #1

Pumpkin Mochi #2

Rice Cake

Sesame-Bean Paste Puffs

Shiba Dango

Steamed Mochi Rice with Coconut and Mango

Sticky Rice with Bananas

Strawberry Jello Mochi

(Fresh) Strawberry Mochi


Sweet Potato Andagi (Fried)

Sweet Potato Mochi (Baked)

Sweet Potato Mochi (Steamed)

Tri-Colored Mochi (Baked)

Tri-Colored Mochi (Steamed)

Tsubu An (for mochi filling)

Tsubushian Bars

Tsubushian Mochi

White An (for mochi filling)

Yam-Mochiko Snowballs

Zenzai (Cooked Beans with Dumplings)


Almond Créme Mochi

An Mochi

Banana Cream Pudding Mochi

Butter Mochi Bars

Chi Chi Mochi

Coconut Mochi

Coconut Rice Balls

Easy Microwave Mochi #1

Easy Microwave Mochi #2

Gau #1 

Gau #2

Guava Mochi

Lima Bean An (for mochi filling)

Mango Mochi

Microwave Mochi #1

Microwave Mochi #2


Mochi Cake

Mochi Rice with An

Okinawa Mochi

Pink Coconut Mochi

Tsubushian Mochi

Two Color Mochi


Basic White Sauce

Bread Machine Mochiko Bread

Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wings

Char Siu Mochi Pudding

Chicken Soup with Mochi

Crisp Fried Shrimp

Crispy Fried Chicken

Haum Joong

Ip Jai (Steamed Mochi Dumplings)

Mochi Balls in Soup

Mochi Duck

Mochi Rice Pilaf

Mochi Rice Stuffing

Mochiko Chicken

Oyster Chicken


Rice Cooker Osekihan

Rice Covered Balls

Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Salty Rice Ball Soup

Salty Rice Dumpings


Siu Mai with Mochi Rice

Steamed Mochi Rice with Pork Filling

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Sticky Rice (Steamed Mochi Rice)

Stir-Fried Mochi Rice

Tasty Chicken Thighs

Three Topping Rice

Flavored Sticky Rice

Vegetable Mixed Rice

Author: Jean Watanabe Hee