The range of appetizers is perfect for the next potluck. Main dishes originating from generations ago span the globe, hailing from places such as Laos, Germany, and Okinawa. There are time-saving dishes created by working moms and dads so other families can have an easier time finding that special balance between work and play. Refreshing salads, hearty soups and stews will add to the list of comfort foods. There’s even a special nod to Portuguese bean soup—a family favorite in Hawaii that is versatile enough to allow personal family twists. Side dishes get their due—the perfect accessory making any main dish shine. And of course, desserts, with a wide array of tropical fruits to choose from and an impressive collection of cultures to draw from. The recipes include family treasures such as panipopo (Samoan coconut rolls), pineapple cream cheese pie, buko salad, and Okinawan chocolate crêpes.


Editors: Joleen Oshiro and Betty Shimabukuro