A Hawaiian vacation just isn’t complete without the spellbinding experience of witnessing the hula—hands gracefully expressing tales of love and nature, accompanied by the rhythmic sway of the dancer’s hips.

Now, with the skilled guidance of How to Hula, it is possible for anyone to learn this beloved dance form. Designed for even the most inexperienced, this book will have you up and dancing to classic Hawaiian favorites in no time. Clearly written instructions on choreography, precise definitions of Hawaiian words, and step-by-step photos provide easy accessibility to basic hula movements.

In this handy book, perfect to carry with you anywhere, you’ll find everything you need to feel, learn, and perform some of Hawaii’s most beautiful and entertaining hula in the privacy of your home, or before groups of friends. Take back a bit of Island magic with you, and express through elegant dance your own love of this ancient, tropical paradise called Hawaii.


Author: Patricia Lei Murray