Learn how to weave beautiful bracelets from the leaves of the hala tree. There are 19 different lauhala projects in all, including a lauhala hairband, a lauhala rose, and a lauhala ball. Each project is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and color illustrations that guide you through selecting and dethorning the prickly leaves, shaping the foundation coil, and weaving patterns and designs into the bracelet. From the bold geometry of the Reverse Twill Bracelet to the whimsy of the Pinwheel Bracelet, there is something in these pages to satisfy crafters of every ability. There’s even a DIY alternative to the popular Hawaiian bracelets: a ku‘uipo bracelet made entirely of lauhala!


  1. Checkerboard with 2 Warp Strands
  2. Simple Embellishment #1
  3. Three-Warp Checkerboard
  4. Simple Embellishment #2
  5. Five-Warp-Strand Checkerboard #1
  6. Five-Warp-Strand Checkerboard #2
  7. Over 2 Under 2 Twill
  8. Reverse Twill
  9. Bracelet with Hole-Punch Warp and Bright Color Embellishments
  10. Domed Bracelet with Pattern
  11. Pinwheel Embellishment
  12. Single Curl Embellishment
  13. Double Curl Embellishment
  14. Criss-Cross Embellishment
  15. KUUIPO Domed Bracelet
  16. Lauhala Hairband
  17. Lauhala Cords
  18. Lauhala Rose
  19. Lauhala Ball

Author: Jim Widess