It is not surprising that Hawai‘i the Big Island with its variety of climates and terrains is a photographer’s dream. The island has it all—tropical beaches, snow capped mountains, erupting volcanoes, amphitheatre V-shaped valleys, unique foliage, cattle ranges, rugged cliffs, quiet bays, quaint villages and towns, and, of course, a melting pot of people of different backgrounds to accompany its ever-present Hawaiian heritage.

This visual extravagance is captured by photographer Douglas Peebles’ artistic eye and explorer’s pluck. His images reveal an island multifaceted with big, dramatic landscapes, smoldering sunsets, and rich in lifestyle. His photos always have the right light, the most pleasing composition, and the most vivid color and contrast. They do not just feature the island, they discover, explore, and celebrate its diversity.

Travel through the highways and byways of the island to enjoy its sites and sights. Start with quaint, peaceful Hilo with its shops and eateries. Move on to the H?m?kua coast with its valleys and waterfalls. In the Waimea area, miles of pasturelands are reminders of its rich paniolo past. Kona is the island’s playground with its sun and calm blue ocean waters. In volcano land, lava rushes down into the ocean. There are also plantation towns, botanical gardens, archaeological sites, and nature at its best.

Photographer: Douglas Peebles