Islands of Wonder: O‘ahu is an illustrated sojourn tour of the island, covering all its amazing sites and sights. The journey starts in Waik?k?—Hawai‘i’s major visitor destination, with iconic Diamond Head looming in the foreground. Southward is the tuff cone Koko Head, the spectacular marine sanctuary of Hanauma Bay, and the island’s south coast. Then to the Windward side—Kailua, Lanikai, and majestic K?ne‘ohe Bay, past Kualoa to Hawai‘i’s surfing mecca—the North Shore—and on to the island’s leeward side. Returning, there are the military sites of Ford Island, and downtown Honolulu with its historic buildings, and Punchbowl, site of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Throughout the journey we see fluted green pali (cliffs), waterfalls, sun-drenched beaches, whales, breaking waves, sunsets, and mountains that seem to carve out the island’s geography.

This picturesque journey is made possible by photographer Douglas Peebles, who brings an artist’s eye and an explorer’s pluck when he photographs. His images do not just feature O‘ahu but discover, explore, and celebrate the island. Permeating this collection is a sense of respectful wonderment, as though the island is being viewed for the first time.

Photographer: Douglas Peebles