To linger with Takayuki Harada’s words about Kalawao and Kalaupapa is to take a quiet pilgrimage to that place of contradictions, guided by his beloved brother, Paul, who lived there more than 60 years. Kalaupapa In Poetry is an expression of faith, hope and enduring love by one whose personal odyssey to that isolated spot began when he visited his brother who had been sent there years earlier. Harada’s poems speak of a bright paradise holding deep, overwhelming sorrow, a place touched by the hand of God, and the man Damien who, in fervent imitation of Christ, became one with his sheep. And love rang out.

The collection of reflections is primarily a tribute to his brother Paul, whose tragic separation from the family was transformed into a mysterious and profound blessing. Paul died on January 4, 2008. It is also a song of gratitude for being allowed to experience one of the worlds most beautiful, tranquil and spiritual settings. For those of you not able to visit Kalaupapa, let Taka Harada take you there through the light and breath of his poetry. What you will experience in your heart will be as good as being there.

Author: Takayuki Harada