Let’s Kanikapila! 2 follows the first book and is specifically written for ‘ukulele players to come together to play in groups – in harmonized parts, with rhythmic accompaniment. Almost all ‘ukulele books offer a single melody with strumming accompaniment. This book is different! It deepens the artistic range of the ‘ukulele, making it more satisfying musically, and opens up real possibilities for performance in schools, colleges, and clubs. Schools need no longer just have a String Orchestra and Band, but can also develop a serious ‘Ukulele Ensemble that offers a rich spectrum of sound from the rhythms and aloha of the sunny Pacific to the intensity and inwardness of Russian balalaika, haunting melodies of Peru, or Celtic airs of Ireland! The ‘ukulele is wonderfully portable instrument very easy to store and carry, easy to take out and practice on a park bench, or in your home. If you travel abroad it is a great ambassador- simple, humble, beautiful. It speaks to joyful celebration of the world with aloha and yet modesty. Above all, it is a friendly instrument that readily joins in with others of its kind, a guitar, and a bass too, if possible! Hana Hou! Let s play again!

Author: Michael Preston