Local chef Susan Yuen presents a colorful assortment of her most appetizing and visually appealing bento creations that will make lunch a one-of-a-kind treat for even the pickiest of eaters. These bento masterpieces collected in this compact edition make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to spice up their child’s lunch with some imagination and fun.


Flying Friends

Bees with Shrimp Tempura and Soba

Ladybug Hamburger

Dragonfly Saimin with Slow Cooker Okinawan-Style Shoyu Pork

Chicken with Imitation Crab Rolled Omelet

Furry Friends

Sheep Rice with Pan-Fried Pork Chops

Bear Shrimp Fried Rice

Mice with Corned Beef Hash and Potato Macaroni Salad

Mandoo Mice

Dog Musubi with SPAM Hot Dog Rolled Omelet

Scrumptious Sammies

Sister and Brother Bear Sandwiches

Train Sandwiches

Alien Kalua BBQ Pork Sandwich

Keiki Sandwich

Butterfly Sandwich


Island Life

Corndog People

Coral Reef Animals and Tamago with Green Onions

Crabs with Chicken Stir-Fry with Hoisin Sauce and String Beans

Hot Dog and Meatballs Keiki

Coconuts with Braised Asian Short Ribs with Maui Onion Sauce

Rice ‘N More

Doggie Bone SPAM Musubi

School Bus SPAM Musubi

Pumpkin Patch with Tamago and Fried Chicken Drumettes

Fish with Homemade Chicken Breast Nuggets

Police Car and Kabocha with Shiitake Mushrooms and Pork

Piggy with Chinese-Style Corn Soup

Two Little Pigs with Oyako Donburi



Teriyaki Hamburgers

Braised Asian Short Ribs with Maui Onion Sauce

Corned Beef Hash

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

Slow Cooker Okinawan-Style Shoyu Pork

Chinese-Style Corn Soup

Fried Mandoo

BBW Kalua Pork

Pan-Fried Pork Chops

Kabocha with Shiitake Mushrooms and Pork

Oyako Donburi

Hamemade Chicken Breast Nuggets

Fried Chicken Drumettes

Shirmp Tempura

Garlic Shrimp Fried Rice


Stir-Fry Sauces



Rolled Omelet

Potato Macaroni Salad

Author: Susan Yuen

Author: Susan Yuen