A slice of vibrant, culinary revolution that continues to evolve in Hawaii, Tastes & Flavors of the Big Island is the newest addition to the Little Hawaiian Cookbook series. Fun, simple and delicious recipes highlight ingredients and flavors unique to the Big Island. Whether you are craving sweet or sour, hearty or light, there is something for everyone, from Pickled Hilo Mangoes to Kilauea Lava Pie; from homemade Kamuela BBQ sauce for backyard picnics to Kona Lobster & Shrimp Cake for an elegant dinner. Top it off with an after dinner Kona Coffee Grog, or wake up in the morning with a Papaya Orange Cooler. Whether you are cooking for one or for friends and family, creating a meal from Tastes & Flavors of the Big Island will satisfy the appetite of any occasion.