Mangoes and papayas are at the top of the list of favorite Island fruits, and it’s no wonder – sweet and nutritious, they are the quintessential tropical ambrosia and can be enjoyed plain or in a variety of recipes. There are more than thirty recipes included in Little Hawaiian Mango & Papaya Cookbook that enhance the mango or papaya’s charm, offering a wide array of exciting flavors. In a book that is the perfect size for gift-giving, there is something for every meal: salads, main courses, desserts, beverages, even condiments! From the cool, tangy Green Papaya Salad to the glorious Flambéed Mangoes, you’ll love every bite. In addition to unique recipes, tips on selecting the perfect mangoes and papayas; varieties to look for in the market; and basic information about these luscious fruits are included.

Compiled by: Joanne Fujita